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BABY   Mathilda. limited edition, is a dainty big active baby. whose expression captures that of a baby growing up in the new world around her. She is amazingly posable, active and such a sweet girl.

Reborn online

Reborn online Length: 19 inches
*Weight: approximately 5.7 pounds
*Wears size small newborn (she’s a lean little thing)
*Painted with Waterborne Air Dry Paints
*Sealed with Golden Polymer Matte Varnish
*Painted hair and brows
*Applied lashes
*Eyeco Polyglass eyes in newborn blue
*Weighted with two different sizes of glass beads, three types of polyfil including regular, premium, and Angel Stuff. She feels like a real baby and is weighted realistically
*Full body Silicone FBS
*Tipped nails
*Glossed lips and nails
*Detailed shading and mottling for a newborn appearance
*Magnetized for a real pacifier

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13 reviews for Mathilda

  1. Jodi Condon-Ferlin

    She is so versatile!!! She looks beautiful in all the different details❤️❤️

  2. Samanta Scaduto

    Awwwww dear you let me withou words. She is wonderful

  3. Ute Neumann

    Loulou in blond looks very very pretty too.❤💖💘

  4. Romana Marenda

    Another amazing Loulou I love her hair and eyes. Her new mommy will be in love. Only for hugging. Fantastic photos, congratulations! I wish you and your family a wonderful day 💕

  5. Tammy Woollett

    Beautiful thanks to the scammers your beautiful Lou Lou awake will only be in silicone I agree with you on your decision and love this baby girl such a lucky mama she has I hope to own a silicone created by you as well

  6. Wendy Welter Teller

    I adore each and every one of this Lou Lou sculpt you’ve done

  7. Lesley Allwood

    Wow love this version what a kind thing to do gift you her that is so special 🙂

  8. Simone NaTussi

    Congratulations, she is an adorable little girl. You will have a lot of fun with her. 😍

  9. El Henrys

    OOOOMMMGOOOSH!! She looks like my daughter Natasha…shes adorable

  10. Becky Ann Froning-Sciutto

    She is amazing. So beautiful and looks so real. Would love to have one like her.

  11. Ine Gallé van Lier

    ❤️ She is really very gorgeous and I like her dress and shoes. ❤️

  12. Joanne M Munding

    What a beautiful baby!!
    She’s so special I would name her Angel!

  13. Susan Gibbs

    A must have! I see a Sachi. Beautiful!!! I love this face so much!

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