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Baby Lucille

Lucille. limited edition, is a dainty New Born baby. whose expression captures that of a new born baby in the new world around her. She is amazingly posable, cute, beautiful, active and such a sweet girl. She’s Soft and Functional, Can Cuddle with her bath her give her a bottle, Cumb her hair.

Lucille Rebornbaby

*Baby: Lucille

*Length: 16.8 inches

*Weight: approximately 4.9 pounds

Material: Hard Silicone ( Eco20)

*Wears size small newborn

*Painted with Waterborne Air Dry Paints

*Sealed with Golden Polymer Matte Varnish

*Rooted hair and brows

*Applied lashes

*Eyeco Polyglass eyes in newborn blue

*Weighted with two different sizes of glass beads, three types of polyfil including regular, premium, and Anatomically Correct. She feels like a real baby and is weighted realistically

*Full body Silicone FBS

* Anatomically Correct

*Tipped nails

*Glossed lips and nails

*Detailed shading and mottling for a newborn appearance

*Real Pacifier

Comes as a New Born baby girl

Will come with a box opening including onesie, sleeper, receiving blanket, hair bow, real pacifier, bottle 🍼,Cumb and extras of my choosing.

Name: Lucille

Length: 16.8 inches .

Head Material: Full body Silicone FBS

Body Material: Full body Silicone FBS ( anatomically correct)

Limb Material: Full body Silicone FBS

Age: New Born

Gender: Female

Arms: Full Length

Legs: Full Length

Edition: Limited Edition (LE)

Eyes: Awake & Active

Eye Material: Polyglass

Lashes: Applied (glued)

Hair: Rooted hair (Implant)

Paint: Air Dry Paint

Skin Color: Mottled

Race: White / Caucasian

Realborn: No (Reborn)

Pacifier: Included

Pacifier Type: Real Pacifier

Drink and Wet: Yes

Makes Noise: Yes

Smoke Free Environment: Yes

Pet Free Environment: Optional

Certificate Of Authenticity (COA): Yes

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18 reviews for Lucille

  1. Emma Richards

    Emma Richards
    Meiying? means beautiful flower. She is absolutely stunning!🥰

  2. Cynthia Nance

    She could also pass as a beautiful Native American Indian…❤️🥰

  3. Emma Richards

    Emma Richards
    Or for a Japanese name I would choose Tamiko. Which means child of many beauties.😁🥰

  4. Little Treasure Nursery

    Miya is the Japanese variation of Maya or Miya and means “palace, shrine and temple.” It can be pronounced either MEE-ah or My-ah.

  5. Bee Neumann

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! I would name her Rakkaani in Finnish it means My Love … (it’s pronounced Rah Kah Nee)

  6. Cheryl Martin

    Joanna Kazmierczak-Pietka – what a lovely lovely baby girl ! Congrats !! I can’t wait to see your by Mavery too x

  7. Hu Yan

    Omg how I love her!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗I can’t wait to see her birth!😍😍😍Such vivid carving,you did a fantastic work dear Joanna👍👍

  8. Hilary Hampton

    I hope she will be in vinyl too. I love chubby babies . Asian baby will be lovely to do xx

  9. Laurie Duncan

    WOW, what a cutie patutie. What amazing cheeks… and those lips❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Bianca Franke

    Those cheeks and lips! I am so curious about what limbs she will get ❤️ amazing and beautiful work my dear friend ❤️

  11. Marina Martinaitene

    Loulou is having her best life ❤ gorgeous baby and pictures ❤

  12. Michelle Novak

    Wow stunning work! Still upset she will never be in vinyl. Congrats to whoever got her!💖

  13. Carol N Dan McCaffree

    What a beautiful baby. What sculpt is this. She is so adorable. 💖💖💖 Oh,and a Happy Easter to you.🙏💗

  14. Stacey Haskins

    I’m going to seriously cry when I miss out on her. 😭💖

  15. Suzanne Calcara

    So precious!!! I sure do love this baby.❤️🌹💞💝🥰💋🎁

  16. Michelle Don Kennedy

    I’m so in love!!! She is phenomenal ♥️♥️♥️

  17. Sylvie Laniel

    Sylvie Laniel
    She’s absolutely gorgeous..i sûre want this little beauty….😍❤️🎀☺️😉

  18. Valorie Anderson

    Valorie Anderson
    She is perfect 🤩! It is a dream of mine to own one of your beautiful babies 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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