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Baby Adrian & Adriana

Adrian & Adriana. limited edition, are dainty New Born twins. silicone baby doll whose expression captures that of a new born babies in the new world around them. They are amazingly beautiful, cute, adorable, posable, active and such a sweet boy and girl. They are Soft and Functional, Can Cuddle with them, bath them, give them a bottle, Cumb their hair.

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11 reviews for Adrian & Adriana

  1. Bertha Moore

    I ordered this baby for my daughter’s birthday next month. She has been asking for a full silicone baby for two years now. This baby arrived so quickly and in the cutest packaging. It also comes in an adorable outfit with a toboggan and socks! The baby looks and FEELS so real. I am mind blown. You would pay probably 800.00 dollars for a baby like this on Etsy. I know my daughter is going to LOVE her new baby. I cannot recommend this enough.

  2. David Young

    Most amazing feeling doll I have ever had. I am a huge doll collector and only want these kinds of dolls now. They feel so real. No more tie wraps and cotton stuffed in the cloth body. I was very very impressed!!!! Thank you VOLLENCE. YOU ARE AMAZING!

  3. Johnnie Ankney

    This baby is adorable. He looks so real and lifelike. He feels a lot heavier than 8 pounds lol. Only problem so far is part of his big toe did fall off. I named him Quinn and I love him sooo much. 🙂 buy this baby but be careful with his feet

  4. Jose Howard

    Love her so darn much! She wears 0-3 clothes and 3 months. Takes a full paci.
    She’s on the stiffer side but amazing to have her. She’s perfect for baby swings and just to hold. I highly recommend her!

  5. Kristen C. Gomez

    The photos of this lil guy just doesn’t do him justice. He is absolutely perfect! So adorable. Skin is so soft to touch, weighted like a real baby, feels like you’re holding a real baby. He came so nicely packaged as well! Excellent job! Will definitely be ordering from again in future.

  6. Vada E. Collazo

    My daughter loves this baby! The quality is so much better than I thought it would be. I hesitated at first due to the cost but this is the only thing my daughter has asked for since last year. She even gave up a birthday party for this baby. It does get a little sticky so she washes and powders it weekly.

  7. Victor Beers

    We absolutely love this baby! My daughter couldn’t be happier. He is well worth the money. Every detail on him is so realistic. I was extremely hesitant to buy him, but we are so glad we did

  8. Wanda J. Roach

    Don’t let the price of this doll fool you. If you have always wanted a silicone baby but couldn’t afford the high prices, this doll will make you happy. Heavy and oh so cute, you will think she cost so much more. Not painted like the expensive ones, but she is so sweet, you will love her none the less. Very satisfied, and she arrived quickly. RECOMMENDED!

  9. Amanda R. Krick

    Just what we were looking for! My daughters dreams have come true with this doll!! So realistic and way cuter than photos!

  10. Mary Shipley

    My eight year old daughter bought this with her own money, and she wanted me to leave this review. She loves, loves, loves this doll. Very lifelike and realistic.

  11. Erik B. McClinton

    This is the most beautiful realistic baby from head to toe I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe how beautiful. My 9 yr old daughter will cry Christmas morning

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