My customers are happy and they are very satisfied with what I’ve been doing to them.
I am a doll artist not just because I love reborning subliminally to make my fellow women happy.

I have a collection of reviews my customers have been sending to me. Some are very heavy videos which I can’t be uploading here while some are pictures and much smaller sized videos. It’s of my great interest to see that all of you are happy. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never ever sold a baby to anyone and she wasn’t fully satisfied. I’m not bragging about this but I’m that perfect reborn artist you have been looking for and that artist who will satisfy you beyond your imaginations and that is Joanna Kazmierczak Pieka, that is me, this is me and here i am waiting for you beautiful ladies to put smiles on your faces and on the faces of your loved ones.

The reciews are not just to boost your confidence but to make you see how happy people can be with my work of art.

Stay blessed and order now!!

Joana, thank you very much for getting me this baby

I have been looking for so long and finally found you today. My entire family is happy because they see that you have put a smile on my face

Carine .mayes

This particular baby Amelia is one of a kind, she shows how great you are in what you do ,this baby is awesome ,she is so realistic, and thanks for given my little Terry one of your beautiful babies 😍 she always smiles when ever she is with her ,thanks so much Joanna I am forever greatful .


I purchased a beautiful baby here lsabella is her name and she is by far the most beautiful reborn doll that I have ever seen!!! She arrived Friday, January 21, 2021 and I was totally surprised with her overall realistic features and size which is absolutely perfect. She has provided me with so much joy as I am almost an empty nester and do miss my children and depressed over the fact that I cannot have any more children. She is therapy for my soul and heart! I sleep well now at nights knowing that Isabella is right beside me! She is worth the money that my youngest daughter spent on her lonely mother! I love my daughter so much! I thank Joanna for such a wonderful product! Very satisfied!

Rachel sherly

I purchased a baby here for my daughter.My daughter loves this doll, and treats her love like a real baby. This doll has made her super happy! Buy this doll.


Definitely not disappointed with my purchase! he looks exactly like he does in the pictures maybe even better! Very realistic! And I must say this Loulou is really beautiful I wish I can purchase her too but you remain the best artist I know

Stickky Jane

I cannot say enough positive things about this doll not only is she realistic in waited well like a real life baby she’s extremely soft and absolutely beautiful I purchased my baby for myself said that I could put crocheted items that I make for babies and infants on her to display in photos when I sell them to give a better in representation of what it will look like if you’re purchasing this for a child I could only imagine that they would love it forever it’s absolutely adorable comes packaged well bursar to vacate included it is adorable


She’s so beautiful 🤩 I wish I had money for here now ,anyways she just like the Lizzy you sent to me ,that serious looks thanks for always been faithful sweetheart you are a blessing to this generation,love you Joanna 

Mary parker

Thanks so much Joanna I received my baby and my grandma’s birthday was a success, we got the baby and it’s our first time getting a reborn baby in the family grandma really loves it, thanks so much and I will be buying another one by December thanks so much.

Andrew clerks

This is so great ,wow I like what you do ,you are very creative,and thanks for the baby you sent to my little daughter Claudia,you made me one of the happiest father’s in the world keep up with the great work

James Tyson

james got the smile 😁,his so handsome, thanks for sending my own baby my husband and I thought it was a scam but immediately we received it ,we were extremely happy ,thanks so much Joanna , please everyone should find it okay to order here she is real and I love her


Johnson Rosemary

Omgsh!! Finally I have a baby from you this has always been my wish and now I have one I’m totally in love with the doll. She honestly feels heavier than 7 lbs – I’ll have to check. She’s so soft and squishy. I love feeling her weight against me. If you’re on the fence about this doll, I say go for it!! Thanks so much Joanna and baby Mac is beautiful too.


racheal stone

My younger sister got a baby from you and I must say you are doing an extremely great job, Very cute baby girl ! Her silicone is soft and squishy.

Very good quality, I love her ! I want to order mine now


Christopher  Emerson

Marina is so beautiful and realistic from the image ,I believe your words on every baby because I know you are the greatest artist ever don’t stop impressing people.


Tiffany Samuel

Wow!! same name with me 😜 my grandma always admires your babies ,she is so in love with all your babies ,you made her happy ,after we received a box opening 4 months ago with one of the most beautiful babies we’ve ever had .Thanks so much Joanna 

Timothy McVeigh 

Wow this is a great work of arts I have been hearing about you from my little girl she follows your posts so much ,she loves your babies too ,she even told me my little niece has one of your babies ,I will be ordering one soon for my baby girl keep up the great work ,this is great .

Miranda vough

Rosalee is one of my favorites babies you’ve ever made ,I love the quietness in her,she is so beautiful too ,the first version of her and the prototype was always ,thanks I received the first version successfully you are one of a kind Joanna 🥰.

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